Coral Moss or Mini Pellia Mat for Sale (Riccardia chamedryfolia) is a rare liverwort from Southeast Asia

Coral Moss
photo credit: Aquatic Arts

There is only one species of coral moss in the world, and it's known as Mini Pellia (Riccardia chamedryfolia). The deep green color of this plant makes it stand out against other moss-like plants in the freshwater aquarium, even when lit slightly brighter. Grazing areas for shrimp are an important part of the ecosystem, and this plant provides a safe haven for shrimp and fish fry. Driftwood and rockwork are excellent places to use Coral Moss because it is so easily attached. As long as you have patience and attention to detail, this plant can grow into an enormous, dense mat. It can even thrive in a terrestrial environment if the humidity is high enough!

This moss is available in a solid stainless steel mat form, making it simple to attach to rocks, driftwood, or aquarium walls and substrate and begin propagating. There may be pest snails or other terrestrial bugs present because it is grown outdoors in Taiwan (the bugs will not survive or reproduce underwater).

Even though it doesn't require any additional care, this plant can benefit from CO2 supplementation, just like any other plant. It's not uncommon for mosses to be unresponsive to most plant supplements. Many aquarists have found success with this moss simply by maintaining a well-cared-for aquarium without supplementation.

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