Moneywort (Bacopa monnieri) Moneywort is a popular stem plant that grows quickly and has exceptionally bright green leaves

Moneywort (Bacopa monnieri)
Photo credit: Aquatic Arts

A low-maintenance, stem plant with tiny, bright green leaves. Moneywort is a well-liked stem plant that is known for its speedy growth and strikingly vivid green leaves. Even in low-light aquariums, this plant will flourish. It is an aggressive grower and effective waste remover in the water column when given the proper conditions.

Two bunches, each with two to four stems between eight and sixteen inches long, are included in the set. What a great cheap foreground or background plant that is! To protect their young, fish and shrimp use plants like Moneywort, which create biofilm and offer a variety of hiding spots.

All of our plants are kept in water in a dedicated tank rather than plastic packaging, which means your plant will arrive much healthier.

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