Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) is a very popular plant in the aquarium hobby due to its impressive size

Java Fern
photo credit: Aquatic Arts

A plant that grows rapidly and requires little care, making it ideal for any aquarium.

Due to its large size, dense foliage, and low maintenance needs, Java Fern is a favorite among aquarium hobbyists. Even in dimly lit aquariums, the Java fern will flourish, and its aggressive growth rate means it will do a great job of cleaning the water. The biofilm it produces, its hiding places, and the security it affords make this plant ideal for aquariums containing fish, snails, and dwarf shrimp.

Two bunches of this plant, each with leaves 36 inches long, will be sent with each order. You can plant an entire clump of Java ferns under your substrate as one plant, or you can break it up into smaller pieces and spread it around your tank or even to other tanks. One of our own aquariums is home to a bunch of Java ferns just like the one in the photo, and it is the same size as the ones we send out to customers. Because we don't use plastic packaging and instead keep our plants in water, you can rest assured that your plant will arrive in perfect condition.

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