Chrismas Moss Xmas Moss for Sale (Vesicularia montagnei) is a rare, but very popular and attractive species of creeping moss for the freshwater aquarium

Chrismas Moss Xmas Moss
photo credit: Aquatic Arts

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One of the most sought-after freshwater aquarium plants is the "Xmas Moss," or Christmas Moss (Vesicularia montagnei). Because of its low light requirements and ease of maintenance, this is an excellent plant to keep in any freshwater aquarium. Shrimp and fish fry love to hide out in the thickets of this plant. As an added benefit, it can be used to cultivate microorganisms such as infusoria and biofilm. Christmas moss fronds, once established in the aquarium, appear bushy and have the appearance of pointy miniature pine trees.

This moss is available in a solid stainless steel mat form, making it simple to attach to rocks, driftwood, or aquarium walls and substrate and begin propagating. There may be pest snails or other terrestrial bugs present because it is grown outdoors in Taiwan (the bugs will not survive or reproduce underwater).

Even though it doesn't require any additional care, this plant can benefit from CO2 supplementation, just like any other plant. It's not uncommon for mosses to be unresponsive to most plant supplements. Many aquarists have found success with this moss simply by maintaining a well-cared-for aquarium without supplementation.

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