Lee's Net Breeder for Guppy Fish and livebearers

Lee's Net Breeder

Lee's 10265 Net Breeder Product Description

Lee's Net Breeder is a multipurpose container designed for guppy fish and other live bearers. This guppy net breeder has a new style frame with removable locking legs and a fine nylon mesh net that allows optimum water flow providing oxygen and freshwater to guppy fry. It also provides safety by separating guppy fry from their mother. This is a # 1 Best Seller among guppy fish breeders so order today!

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#1 Best Seller in Fish Breeding Tanks
- Engineered to allow optimum water flow

- Safely separates new-born fry from mother and other fish

- Isolates injured or aggressive fish

- Multipurpose, clear container

- 5.2 x 0.9 x 7.6 inches ; 2.9 ounces

- Model: 10265 Net Breeder

- Maturation area for fry

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