Guppy breeding trap why it's important for guppy breeding

Guppy breeding traps are essential for guppy breeding because they are livebearers and are known to eat their young. Not to worry this is easily managed by a small and expensive device called a breeding trap. A guppy breeding trap is made of light weight plastic and is typically hung inside of the breeding aquarium along the top of the tank. These are basically mini plastic tanks designed to capture baby guppies or guppy fry. Simply placing the pregnant female guppy in the breeding trap when the time is due results in the new guppy fry falling through the small openings in the lower partition of the trap. This separates the fry from the mother and therefore she can't eat them. Once this process of the fry collection is completed you can remove the female to an isolation tank to recuperate or return her to the primary tank.

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