Poecilia wingei for sale Buy Endler's Livebearer online

Poecilia wingei

Poecilia wingei

Poecilia wingei for sale are worth the small investment to own Endler's livebearer. These guppies are very lively and fascinating to observe in the aquarium. Most are more beautiful colored and are sure to please when courting begins. Male P. wingei court females by spreading his tail as wide as he can in order to impress her. This posturing really is fun to watch and shows off the males gorgeous coloration and finage. And remember Endler's guppy are very prolific fish.

Endler's livebearer belongs to the genus Poecilia just like fancy guppy fish known as Poecilia reticulata. From a history perspective these fish were first collected in 1937 by Frankly F. Bond in Laguna de Patos in Venezuela and later rediscovered by Dr. John Endler in 1975. Some of the common nicknames for this species are Endler's guppy, Endler's livebearer or Poecilia wingei from a scientific perspective.

Remember when purchasing Endler's guppy fish you buy at least three pairs of fish because you want to develop a colony and this is the best way to begin according to a great article written by Tony Griffitts. To learn more about Endler's guppy from a hobbyist point of view check this website called Endlerspectrum blog.

Text & photos: Frank Schafer

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Poecilia wingei
Poecilia wingei


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Poecilia wingei for sale Buy Endler's Livebearer online
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