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Japan blue guppies

Japan Blue Guppy and origins of the Japanese Galaxy Guppy

The origin of the Japan Blue Guppy seems to that of a mystery. And to validate this may be challenging. In any case we know that guppy colors can be produced by selecting differently colored guppies relative to inline breeding efforts. Philip Shaddock wrote a great article called Deciphering the Galaxy Guppy phenotype which a beautiful color mutant of guppy called the Japanese Galaxy. In this paper discusses the creation from Hoskiki Tsutsui a self-educated genetics hobbyist from Japan. There is history of this strain, Japanese Blue Galaxy, to originate from Japan and made its journey to Europe and North America by way of the guppy hobby trade. Essentially it is determined that the Blue Galaxy incorporates the Japanese Grass and Asian Blau genes into the Galaxy genotype.

Do female Japan blue guppies prefer males with blue?

Poecilia reticulata are widely used to study mate choices. And while native to South America, for the first time guppies from an introduced population in Japan where males have evolved a predominantly blue color pattern. According to a publication in Springer the article called Female preference for blue in Japan blue guppies (Poecilia reticulata) sheds new light on the color selection process females vet their males with. Mate choice experiments, in which female Japan blue guppies were given a choice between pairs of males that differed in their area of blue coloration but were matched for other traits, revealed that females prefer males with proportionately larger amounts of blue in their color patterns. Apparently females prefer males with large portions of blue coloration.

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List of Japanese Blue Guppy species and Common names

Poecilia blue japan
Poecilia reticulata japan blue
Poecilia wingei japan blue
Poecilia blue japan
Poecilia reticulata japan blue scissor
Poecilia reticulata japan blue lyra
Poecilia endler blue japan
Japan blue guppy
Japan blue gupik
Guppy Japan bluegrass
Japan blue redfin guppy
Japan blue wild type guppy
Japan blue double sword guppy
Japan blue red tail guppy
Japanese Blue Galaxy
Japanese Grass
Japanese Blue Galaxy
Asian Blau


Deciphering the Galaxy Guppy phenotype
Female preference for blue in Japan blue guppies