Black Ruby Barb (Pethia nigrofasciata) information temperature, pH, tank size, diet

When mature, males of this barb develop a striking, dark red coloration that makes it a great addition to a community planted aquarium.

Pethia nigrofasciata, commonly known as the Black Ruby Barb, is a peaceful fish that thrives in a community planted aquarium. The males become a stunning ruby color during spawning season, which is why they are so highly sought after despite the fish's diminutive size and recognizable black stripes. Also, this fish can thrive in a wide variety of water temperatures and salinities.

Although the Black Ruby Barb has been seen swimming and feeding in deeper water, it is more at home in the upper and middle levels. It can live in the same tank as other peaceful, small fish. In the wild, it might prey on dwarf shrimp and their young. Larger, less active invertebrates may be the best tankmates. For peaceful breeding, it's best to keep Black Ruby Barbs in groups of at least six individuals, and preferably more. Its natural environment consists of humid forests in tropical regions with plenty of fresh water. It needs pristine water to flourish, and it looks best when displayed in a planted aquarium with a dark substrate.

A varied omnivorous diet, including high-quality flake food, pellets, and live, frozen, or freeze-dried Artemia, microworms, Tubifex, and finely chopped bloodworms, is all the Black Ruby Barb needs to thrive and maintain its vibrant coloration. Vegetables, and especially dry foods with a high vegetable content, are essential for optimal health and appearance.

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