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Home > Microworm starter culture for guppies ideal starter food

Microworm starter culture for guppies ideal starter food

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Microworm starter culture for guppies

MICROWORM Starter Culture Live Fish Food GUPPIES Newborn Fry Food

Microworms are extremely prolific and easy to grow at home. Since they are smaller than newly hatched brine shrimp, they are ideal for small guppy fry. Small fry can be given microworms as their first food. Many small fish species, such as guppies, will actually appreciate microworms throughout their entire life.

Microworm starter culture for guppies


Steps for starting and maintaining a culture. 1: Get Tupperware, rinse, puncture small holes in lid. 2: Put some water and bedding in. (Tank water is better use cooked oatmeal with recommended water amount,but use tank water not tap water.) 3. Fill Tupperware 1 inch with bedding 4. Drain out any excess water (Too much and they can drown). 5. Mix in a spoonful or full amount of microworms. 6. Cover with lid. Wait a 2-3 days. When you can see the worms on the sides of the Tupperware they are ready to feed. 7. Harvest by scraping off the walls of the Tupperware, or a scoop of oatmeal to start a new culture. 8. Feed your culture every 2 days with a sprinkle of yeast or small piece of bread. Microworms are very tiny, almost invisible to the naked eye. When you get your culture make your oat meal let cool then mix in pack. Once you see Microworms crawling up the container, take your finger or a q-tip and swipe it up and dip it into your tank. You can even transfer them to a cup of water and suck it up with an eye dropper.


  • Ideal supplement for getting fish in breeding condition.
  • They are just the right size for a first food and are very nutritious food for your fry.
  • Microworms are nutritious and helps your fry mature quicker.
  • Your fry or even your adult fishes will love it!

How To Create A Microworm Colony Tutorial For Guppy Live Fish Food




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