Neon Red Crayfish (aka Orange/Tangerine Crayfish) is a vividly colorful variant of the same species as the Electric Blue Crayfish (Procambarus alleni)

Neon Red Crayfish
photo credit: Aquatic Arts

The Neon Red/Orange Tangerine Crayfish is guaranteed to be the focal point of any aquarium thanks to its eye-catching red and orange coloring. The Electric Blue Crayfish, to which this one is closely related, is much more vividly colored (Procambarus alleni). Named the Orange or Tangerine Lobster, despite the fact that this species of lobster only lives in saltwater. All of the aquarium's specimens of this species were bred in tanks from juveniles brought in from the wild in the southeastern United States. The neon red crayfish is no different from any other Procambarus species. While we've been here, several of our species have successfully reproduced in our tanks.

A lot of this crayfish's time is spent darting around the aquarium floor in search of food, making it much more active than the average crayfish. The stomach of the Neon Red Crayfish is where you'll find most of its food. This crayfish should not be kept in an environment with live plants due to its voracious appetite.

A mature Neon Red Crayfish may show aggression toward other aquarium inhabitants due to its heightened awareness of its own survival. Possessing plenty of concealment, like rocks, driftwood, or PVC pipes, is essential. This becomes even more important when housing a large number of crayfish in a single tank. Due to its size and waste production, one adult crayfish requires a 30-gallon, well-filtered aquarium. Adults can be housed in large numbers in a single large tank. To maintain good health, this hardy animal requires its water to be changed regularly. Housing large crayfish alone or with other bottom-dwelling invertebrates or fish is not recommended. Since crayfish are opportunistic feeders and will eat just about anything they can catch, the Neon Red Crayfish can be successfully used to maintain populations of fast-swimming intermediate and upper-level fish.

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