AZOO Guppy Mineral Salt water conditioner for guppies

AZOO Guppy Mineral Salt

AZOO Guppy Mineral Salt

On Sale Guppy Mineral Salt water conditioner specially formulated with minerals and vitamins for guppies, swordtails, mollies and other livebearers. Made by AZOO makers of mineral salts for tropical fish. Product code AZ28004 400 grams.

Product features and benefits:

1. Adjusts tap water into ideal water for guppies and livebearers.

2. Provides ideal osmotic pressure, helps increase fishes immune system.

3. Helps to create the buffering environment, maintain longer stability and hardness of water.

4. Improves fish color and maturity, good for breeding.

5. With additional vitamins formula effectively promote fish's metabolism, immunity and new environment adaptability.

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Ingredients: Na+ Mg2+ K+ Ca2+ Sr2+ Cl- SO42-
Br- B F- HCO3- Al I Fe Cu Zn
Trace elements, minerals and multi vitamins.

Directions for Use: 1. One full tea spoon is 5 gram. For the first use, add 20 gram per 50 liters of water.

2. For water hardness above 8~12°dKH, add 1 gram per 100 liters of water.

3. After water changes, apply the dosage (20 gram per 50 liters) according to the volume of water that refill in the tank.

4. Each bag contains 400g for 1000 liters of water. A 5 gram spoon is included.

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AZOO Guppy Mineral Salt water conditioner for guppies
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