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Hybrid Guppies
Yellow/red tail hybrid males. The first one is 20 if you buy more they are 10 each after the first which pays for shipping. These are culls to much yellow or red. They will have lots of body color as they mature. I raise guppies bought from show dealers and create hybrids. These are my culls , i have been raising these for 10 years, only crossing to enhance full body color. I predominantly work with blues but if their babies you may get anything from purple, blue, green to yellow. The one thing i love about my fish is they change colors almost until the end, they are extremely active and have had some live up to four or five years. I only use sea salt and well water, temp 76-82 degrees. I use dark moscows for full color and yellows to bring out that shimmer like glow from lip to tail. Check pictures to see the range of color. Feel free to ask any questions. I usually stop shipping in october due to cold weather. Enjoy and send us some pics from time to time. We will post them on our facebook page. I've only had one bad shipping experience due to warm weather. Please leave feedback, it helps sells & we always ship extra.


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