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Poecilia reticulata

Poecilia reticulata "Ice Flame Guppy" Livebearer

Poecilia reticulata is the scientific name of the millionfish beginner guppy fish. This common name is coined because of how easy these fish are to breed. The most popular color for this species is called Ice Flame. These guppies can be very prolific in terms of creating fry over their lifetime. If you are looking for Ice Flame guppies for sale look no further! Other popular colors of Poecilia reticulata include Red Mosaic, Blue Grass, Flamingo, King Cobra, Black Tuxedo, Yello Tuxedo and Red Mosaic Tuxedo. Their distribution around South America not only covers the countries of Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, but also the Islands around the Southern Caribbean. In addition, they are now found in many parts of the world because guppies were introduced to many countries in order to help with the prevention of malaria.

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List of Colors for Poecilia reticulata Guppies

Albino Naked Guppy
Black Dragon Guppy
Half Black Yellow Guppy
Ice Flame Guppy
Platinum Blue Guppy
Rainbow Snakeskin Guppy
Half Black Yellow Guppy
Neon Red Dragon Guppy
Red Mosaic Guppy
Blue Grass Guppy
Flamingo Guppy
King Cobra Guppy
Black Tuxedo Guppy
Yellow Tuxedo Guppy
Red Mosaic Tuxedo Guppy


Poecilia reticulata (guppy) - Cabi
Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 Guppy