5 stems guppy grass najas live aquarium plants Free Shipping Handling

guppy grass najas
5 stems guppy grass najas live aquarium plants free s/h easy no co2 plant live aquatic plant


In this listing you will receive 5 freshly cut trimmings of guppy grass najas from my personal planted tanks. This is one of my all time favorite stem plants. All plants that I list for sale are grown submersed under water. Not like the majority of the sellers online or at your local fish where they order immersed grown plants which are grown outside of water to make them easier to grow and sale. And you also will have to transition those plants to get to there real underwater look. Aquarium plants that are grown out of the water looks nothing like there real underwater form.

Low demanding plant! Will grow in any conditions!!

I do have other beautiful live aquarium plants listed so please check them out! These cuttings will be at least 1 inches long each. These grow extremely fast and in any conditions!!

Free First Class shipping!!!! Because their live plants and I only ship on Monday's-Wednesday for best shipping results.

Im a U.S.A seller! Plants ship from California!!!

Thank you for looking at my listing!!!

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