Double Breeding Rearing Trap for Guppies FREE Shipping

Double Breeding Rearing Trap
- This product is made of high quality transparent plastic, durable. Transparent plastic box without any barrier, allowing you to observe.

- Unique floating and transparent plastic cover designed to prevent the fish out of the isolation room to protect the newborn fish. It is ideal to be sick fish in fish and isolation space

- With sucker, anywhere convenient fixed in the tank

- It is a Hatchery for viviparous fish, such as guppies, Bettas, medaka, etc. It can Prevent attack from adult fish, improve the survival rate of juvenile fish

- It can Separate aggressive fish, injured fish, small fish, shrimp, and other sea clownfish

- Self-floating design with suction cup, 2-layer combination does not occupy space

- Material: Plastic

- Color: Transparent

- Size(L x W x H): Approx. 12.6x7x7cm /4.96x2.76x2.76inch

Package Include:

- 1x Fish Breeding Box

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