Ginga Sulphureus Guppy for Sale with FREE Live Java Moss

Ginga Sulphureus Guppy
Available a group of 3 pairs (m/f) plus several extra females of this beautiful type of guppy, Ginga Sulphureus, males have sword tails, great body & tail markings, brilliant & active, very interesting guppy - each of the 3 pairs are at various stages, one pair more mature, one younger pair not full grown yet, and one juvenile pair (male is just starting to color up & grow), plus you will receive several juvenile females as bonus!!! plus you will also receive a bonus of a large bundle of live java moss, one of the greatest plants for raising baby fish, sells for sizable amounts of money, so this is a great bonus - plus a bonus of live java fern starters, a great plant that is easy to grow & can both float or be mounted onto a surface!

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