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Dried Moina

What are Moina and why are they great for guppy fry?

Moina are approximately half the maximum length of Daphnia. Adult Moina (700-1,000 µ) are longer than newly-hatched brine shrimp (500 µ) and approximately two to three times the length of adult rotifers. Young Moina (less than 400 µ), however, are approximately the same size or only slightly larger than adult rotifers and smaller than newly-hatched brine shrimp. In addition, brine shrimp die quickly in freshwater. As a result, Moina are ideally suited for feeding freshwater fish fry.

Newly-hatched fry of most freshwater fish species can ingest young Moina as their initial food. However, it should be noted that it can be difficult to grade Moina for size. It was found through trials at the UF/IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory that passing Moina through 500 micron mesh screening tends to fragment the animals to such an extent that they are no longer usable as live food. In aquaria, care must also be taken when determining feeding rates, as Moina can quickly grow too large to be eaten. If these larger Moina become too dense, their "hopping" movements can serve to harass and potentially damage fry.

In Singapore, Moina micrura grown in ponds, fertilized with mostly chicken manure or, less frequently, with pig manure, are used as the sole food for fry of many ornamental tropical fish species, with a 95-99% survival rate to inch (20 mm) in length quite common. Unfortunately, there is very little information concerning practical mass culture methods of Moina, and the available information is in mimeograph documents, foreign journals or other scarce publications.

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Nutritional Value of Moina

The nutritional content of Moina varies considerably depending on their age and the type of food they are receiving. Although variable, the protein content of Moina usually averages 50% of the dry weight. Adults normally have a higher fat content than juveniles. The total amount of fat per dry weight is 20-27% for adult females and 4-6% for juveniles.

Benefits of Moina

Floating Type
Never Clouds the Water
High Protein
Enhance Color for Tropical Fish
In Thailand fish farms use moina to feed larva fish because it will make fish healthy and fast growth and beautiful color.

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