2 Pair Staeck Leopard Hybrid Double Swordtail Guppies!

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This cross shows gorgeous variation in markings and color expression within the strain and has been developed by me in my own home. This strain is truly one of a kind!

Your pairs are 4-5 months old and have the majority of their breeding lives ahead of them.

Because these fish have both Endler and Guppy genetics, they are especially healthy, vibrant and hearty.

And these guys are prolific breeders! Be prepared for many drops of vigorous fry every 23-40 days!

Photos are the actual fish you will receive, taken with my phone, some in indoor aquarium lighting and some outdoors.

To produce this strain, I crossed some of my own guppy and Endler lines with "Blue Leopard Swordtails" purchased from Mitchell at LIVEFINS. His website describes his Blue Leopard Swordtails to be descendants of "Gayana Blue Spot Endlers" developed by famed Japanese breeder Kenjiro Tanaka. Purely from my observation, they appear to have been crossed with Staeck Endlers very much like those collected in the Cumana region of Venezuela. Interestingly, Staeck Endlers were apparently first brought from Venezuela to Germany where they have been popular for several years. They have only very recently become available in the US.

I select-bred these fish over time, creating two distinct lines.

- One line reflects more of the qualities of wild Staeck Endlers with especially vibrant body coloration (which I call "Staeck Endler Hybrids"). I have some of these up for sale in a separate listing.
- The other line shows more leopard traits and has double swordtails (which I call "Staeck Leopard Double Swords"). These are the line for sale in this listing.

SHIPPING IS ACTUAL COST TO SHIP TO YOUR ZIPCODE VIA 2-3 DAY USPS PRIORITY MAIL. At this time, I only ship within the continental USA.

I typically ship on Saturdays or Mondays.

Packaging: I double-bag the fish in small quantities per bag, surrounding them with ego-friendly insulated material inside a styrofoam cooler or thermal bubble liner. If needed, I include a 72-hour heat pack, all encased inside an extra thick, sturdy box. Once carefully packed, I deliver your package directly to the MSP Airport Post Office for quickest shipment out.

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