Sagittaria sublata the Narrow Leaf Sag great for guppy tanks

Dwarf sagittaria
Dwarf sagittaria

Broadleaf Sagittaria

Common Name: Narrow Leaf Sag

Native to: Eastern U.S. and South America

Height: 8 to 16 inches

Width: quarter inch, based on leaf growth

Growth Rate: Quick

Placement: Mid to Background

Lighting Needs: Low to high lighting (1.5 - 4 watts/gal)

Temperature: 64.4 to 82.4 degrees

Hardness: Hard and slightly soft water

Difficulty: Relatively easy

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Sagittaria sublata is an excellent choice for novice gardeners. They prefer substrates with high nutrient content and moderate light levels. Runners will quickly cover the substrate if certain conditions are met.

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