Reverse Trio Nebula Steel Guppies Guppy Pre-Hit

Nebula Steel Guppies
Gorgeous Nebula Steel guppies. These fish when mature have gorgeous long and flowing fins and striking metallic colors including blue, purple, teal, navy, lavender, orange, red, green, black, gold, silver, pink and yellow. Nebula Steel guppies also have a variety of tail shapes and are the most diverse, colorful, and eye catching guppies there are. Each one is unique as there are no 2 that are just alike. You will receive 2 males that are either fathered by or directly related to the ones pictured that I own. You will also receive 1 pre-hit (pregnant) female that is bred to one of my finest males.

These males have not had their color for long and are already breathtaking although their bodies, colors, and fins are nowhere near fully developed. The pics are of males of various ages. The older males are the ones in the pics with the longer fins and tails and even those were not fully developed at the time the pics were taken. These fish have a metallic sheen to them and pics do not even begin to do them justice. Females have either a clear tail or a colored tail and dorsal with colors including various shades of blue. Very exciting to watch their colors develop as they get older. I selectively breed for vivid metallic color as well as tail and dorsal size and conformation and have lots of experience in genetics and breeding. My Nebulas are the best you can get.

Pre-hit is a term used for a female Guppy that has been with a male and has been inseminated by him. Therefore she is pre-hit. As in non-virgin. Sometimes you find a very nice female in you local pet shop and you wont know who the father is. She might have been hit(inseminated) previously. Pre-Hit.

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