Red Mosaic Big Ear Guppy Pairs for Sale Expedited Shipping

Red Mosaic Big Ear Guppy
This listing is for one pair Red Mosaic Big Ear guppy. My original breeders are from Thailand. Excellent quality, huge drops and beautiful colors. The pair you will receive will be from 2 to 3 months old. They have a lot to grow and a lot to color up. They are having their first drops of fry now. The pair you will receive will be similar to the ones on my photos. They are the actual fish for sale.

I will ship using priority mail with live arrival on first shipping attempt. For now I will be shipping only to customers that live on any state with a temperature of 40 grades Fahrenheit or more. For more strains that are not listed, contact me to show you my Facebook page for more beautiful imported strains.

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