Pink Magenta Gene Guppies Babies EXTREMELY RARE Gorgeous

Pink Magenta Guppies
GORGEOUS Pink Magenta Gene guppies. I'm proud to present these after working on them for a few years. The one in pics is the father to the babies and so far, the majority of the fry grow up to look like him. Others will be just as pretty when mature and will have gorgeous colors and may also have a variety of tail shapes. All will be breathtakingly beautiful. You will receive 10 babies/fry that are small and not showing color yet. I have very few of these available so get them now. These are so eye catching and pics do not do them justice by any means. They are VERY hardy. Pics were taken with flash on a cheap cell phone camera and do not begin to do these fish justice.

I ship the fish using USPS Priority Mail in an insulated box with a Breather Bag (Note: NEVER float these bags in your will kill your fish) and include a heat pack or ice pack if needed. I also ship Overnight/One Day for $50 which includes the cost of the heat pack or cold pack if needed. I ship on Tuesdays. If there are any DOAs, send me 3 pics of the fish in the bag AND 3 out of the bag in a bowl here on ebay ***within 1 hour*** of USPS arrival. If you fail to do so, this guarantee is VOID. There are NO exceptions. Not responsible for any that are left in mailboxes or in the heat or cold. Please have someone to intercept your package if you cannot be home.

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