Nebula Steel Guppies for Sale from Pete Mang stock


Beautiful Pair of Nebula Steel Guppies

These are some beautiful fish I got directly from Pete Mang. I am including a pair of young guppies similar to the ones in the picture. I am not the great photographer that Pete is, so the first three pics on the collage are borrowed from him and the remaining are pictures of the actual parents. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me! This posting is per pair of juveniles and you are free to purchase multiple pairs! Combined shipping will save you money.

I can fit about 10-14 individual fish max in a standard USPS Medium flat rate box, 2-4 fish in a small flat rate, and 20-24 in a large flat rate box. For larger quantities, please message for a more accurate shipping quote. Your fish will be shipped in a Kordon breather bag surrounded by recycled insulation padding inside a Styrofoam lined box. I include a few drops of AmQuel+ and NovAqua+ in each bag.

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Kordon Breather Bags
AmQuel Plus Water Conditioner that detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines
NovAqua Plus Instant Water Dechlorinator - Makes Tap Water Safe For Fish
Super cross guppy 8th generation from Pete Mang