NEBULA STEEL Guppy fry Live arrival GUARANTEE

Nebula Steel Guppy Fry

GUPPY NEBULA STEEL Guppies fry (babies)(6)

This listing is for a group of 6 Nebula Steel babies (fry). The fry you will receive will be at least, one month old. If you have any doubts of what are you purchasing, contact me!!! The pictures of this listing are a representation of how these fish develop with time. Pictured fish are not the ones you will receive, you are purchasing babies from them. If you live in a very cold area that may be turning water into ice fast, contact me before buying, I offer insulated boxes and heat packs!. Live arrival GUARANTEE with just a clear picture within 3 hours of delivery. I paid a lot for some of the original breeders pairs and now I have a lot of them... So, why not sharing them at a great affordable price? Contact me if you have any questions.

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