Mang Metallic SuperCross Guppies 1 Trio of Mang-O Guppies

Metallic SuperCross Guppies
Mang Metallic SuperCross Guppies 1 Trio Tropical Fish

Beautiful SuperCross Guppies by Pete

I call them Mang-O Guppies
You are getting 1 Trio. One Male and Two Females.
They will be about 2-5 Months old. So the boys are just now coloring up. I know the photo is bad, but have you ever tried to take a pic of a fish? All of my guppies came from quality or show stock. I don't show guppies.. I love them because they are beautiful!


They eat BB Shrimp and some of the best fish foods.. Healthy, hardy and just PRETTY!

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