MICROWORM Starter Culture Live Fish Food for GUPPIES and Newborn Fry Food

Microworm starter culture
This listing is for 1 small 3 oz. cup of microworm starter culture with instructions. Check out the video for full details on how to grow your own culture.

Microworms are extremely prolific and easy to grow at home. Since they are smaller than newly hatched brine shrimp, they are ideal for small fry. Small fry can be given microworms as their first food. Many small fish species, such as tetras, will actually appreciate microworms throughout their entire life.

*The pictures are as accurate as possible. However, different monitors may cause colors to vary slightly, and they are enlarge to better show details.

Microworm starter culture for guppies

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How To Create A Microworm Colony Tutorial For Guppy Live Fish Food


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