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Gambusia affinis

Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis)

These small fish, which Dr. Thad and his son Hayden have raised in our aquariums and ponds, are not only entertaining to watch, but also beneficial to the health of your aquarium or pond. They are beautiful additions to any pond or aquarium and won't harm the inhabitants there.

If you have a pond or aquarium, Mosquito fish can be a huge help in cleaning up debris and warding off pest insects. They are one of the few species that can make it through the cold of the north as well as the warmth of the south. It doesn't matter whether you keep them in an indoor aquarium or a garden pond, all three can make do. They are low-maintenance and will eat insects and leftover fish food. Overall, these creatures are fun to watch and do a great job of cleaning out aquariums and ponds. They make an excellent accessory for fish tanks of any size.

Since mosquito fish breed quickly and efficiently, they are frequently kept solely for the purpose of reducing mosquito populations. Besides being excellent food and live-bearers, these fish are versatile. They can have 60 offspring at a time and consume up to 300 mosquito larvae per day. Once acclimated, these fish can withstand a lot. Mediums are the most common because they are the most common size to ship, and more males tend to survive. There is a 2.8-inch height limit for females and a 1.6-inch limit for males. Women can go from puberty to full sexual potential in as little as 30 days.

Priority mail and bagged deliveries will be sent out for free on Mondays and Wednesdays. Even though the boxes are adequately insulated, the snails and clams cannot survive the trip if the temperature at their final destination is below 30 degrees. Clear pictures must be taken within 2 hours of arrival with the item still in the bag in the event of DOA (Dead Clams or Snails Will Be Gaping Opened). We've put in a lot of spares in case of death, so before you send any messages, please make sure everyone is still alive. Only orders shipping within the continental US will be processed. In accordance with Wisconsin's import laws, you should not purchase this item.

Where We Come From: Dr. Thad has his Ph.D. in hand and is an accomplished research scientist. College student Son Hayden is interested in aquatic systems and is studying agriculture and technology. We've been keeping fish, clams, and snails as pets for years, and we finally have enough extras to sell them. We only use the money to keep our tank populations going, so our prices are low.

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