Female Nebula Steel Guppies for Sale Expedited Shipping

Female Nebula Steel Guppies
Gorgeous Female Nebula Steel guppies. The males in this line when mature have gorgeous long and flowing fins and striking metallic colors including blue, purple, orange, red, navy, teal, lavender, green, black, gold, silver, pink and yellow. Each one is unique as there are no 2 that are just alike. You will receive 2 females that are pregnant by some of my finest males and one young male that is just starting to show color and has a lot more developing as far as color as well as size, but is already gorgeous. The females (in the last pic) are representations of what the females can look like. They have either a clear tail or a colorful tail (mostly blues). Pics do not even begin to do these fish justice. Very exciting to watch their colors develop as they get older. The fish you will receive are fathered by or directly related to the ones pictured that are owned by me. I have LOTS of experience in genetics and breeding and my Nebulas are the best of the best.

I ship the fish using USPS Priority Mail in an insulated box with a Kordon Breather Bag (Note: NEVER float these bags in your will kill your fish) and include a heat pack or ice pack if needed. I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays and fish have to be fasted for 2 days before they are shipped.

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