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Dried Daphnia

Low Temperature Dried Daphnia Guppy Food

This listing is for 2 ounces of low temperature dried daphnia. These daphnia will be shipped in a sealed clear bag. Drive your fish crazy with this. The bag in the picture (about 10.5"x12") is the same as the bag you will receive. Contents may settle during shipping but 2 ounces is a lot of daphnia!

This new breakthrough in drying leaves the vitamins while removing the water. This new process is like freeze drying but leaves behind much more of the vitamins for better results when fed to your fry.

Daphnia provide two essential vitamins of primary importance to fish development: vitamin A which is fundamental for growth and an anti-infective agent in mass culture, and vitamin D which is primarily responsible for the production of bone in vertebrates. Daphnia also provide small amounts of vitamin B, which supports tissue growth and stimulates appetite, and vitamin C, which boosts immunity.

Dried Daphnia Analysis:

Moisture 9.70% ,Fat 2.40% ,Fiber 9.60% ,Ash 18.90% ,Phosphorus 1.44% ,Crude Protein 50.80%* ,Xanthophyll (AOAC) 180 mg per pound ,Myristic 5.60% ,Myristoleic 4.90% ,Palmitic 19.60% ,Palmitoleic 9.60% ,Heptadecenoic 4.70% ,Stearic 3.40% ,Oleic 10.20% ,Linoleic 6.90% ,Linolenic 23.40% ,Arachidonic 1.30% ,Hexadecadienoic 1.90%.

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