Brazos Dwarf Mexican Crayfish/Mini Lobster (Cambarellus texanus) features a spunky personality and a marbled pattern of various brown, tan, and beige colors

Cambarellus texanus
Introduce the Brazos Dwarf Crayfish, our newest invertebrate addition. Crayfish in miniature form with an outgoing disposition and an attractive marbling pattern in brown, tan, and beige colors. Although true lobsters do not exist in freshwater, dwarf crayfish are commonly referred to as "mini lobsters." Though the Brazos Dwarf Crayfish shares many characteristics with Orange CPOs, the primary difference is the Brazos Dwarf Crayfish's earthy hues rather than the CPOs' neon-orange coloring. Brown is the most common color for Brazos Dwarf Crayfish, though some have tan or beige spots all over their bodies.

Even though they can grow to a much larger size (up to 1.6 inches long) and live longer than dwarf shrimp, these shrimp can easily fit into a tank no larger than five gallons. They are a lot more active than most larger crayfish, and they don't go into hiding during the day. They're a fun addition to any aquarium, and if you're not already interested in invertebrates, this is a great introduction!

There have been reports of dwarf shrimp being eaten by this crayfish, so we do not recommend keeping them together in the same tank.

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