Blue Ramshorn Snails the perfect companion for guppies

Blue Ramshorn Snails
Aquatic snails like Blue Ramshorn Snails are very common in the world. Guppies love them because they are completely safe for them to be around. Freshwater aquariums would be incomplete without ramshorn snails.

Their shells are naturally beautiful and come in a variety of colors. Algae and food waste they consume can make water unsafe for fish.

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Benefits of Blue Ramshorn Snails

- They do not eat plants.

- They can live in hard or soft water and low or high pH.

- Snails are great at revealing water quality too.

The water is unsafe for your fish if you see your Ramshorn snails remaining on the surface at the water's edge and actually trying to climb out of it.

Ramshorn snails use lungs to breathe, so they must travel to the surface to get their supply of oxygen. They can also use air bubbles inside their shell as ballast to float to the surface of the water.

Snails of the ramshorn family have a lifespan of up to two years. The majority of Ramshorn snails reach a maximum adult size of about a quarter. Ramshorn snails do well in guppy fish tanks because they can tolerate slightly salty water.