Blue Hawaiian Moscow Show Guppies Luke Roebuck line

Blue Hawaiian Moscow Guppies
Blue Hawaiian Moscow Show Guppies 6+ Fry 3 Weeks old

This sale is for total of 6+ fry 3 weeks old of HAWAIIAN BLUE MOSCOWS Luke Roebuck line. You're bidding on 6+ fry 3 weeks old These are not your local fish store guppies. These are from the Luke Roebuck hawaiian blue moscow line. The pictures is of the adult males and females i have they are the parents.

Live arrival guarantee on first delivery attempt. In the rare case of any d.o.a a clear digital picture must sent to me within 1 hrs. of first delivery attempt for refund of dead fish. Anything taken 1 hour after package scanned delivered will not get a refund I only refund the fish you bought not that I'm sending extra and no refund in the shipping cost.

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