Blue Green Moscow Show Guppies

Blue Green Moscow Guppies

Blue Green Moscow Show Guppies - 1 Trio

This listing is for one beautiful breeding pair (1 male and 2 females) from an award winning line of Hawaiian Blue Moscow show guppies between 5-7 months old (pictured are 1+ years old). They shine a gorgeous iridescent metallic blue to turquoise green in color. This line throws mostly large and some medium bodied males, some extra-large.

The fish will be professionally packed in order to prevent against losses during shipping. However, accidents can happen and should any fish arrive DOA, please send me a picture of the unopened bag the day of the delivery and I will send a replacement. If you do not want a replacement, then a refund for the lost fish will be provided instead. If you refuse to send a picture of the deceased fish, then no replacement and no refund will be provided.

The fish are being mailed either by FedEx Priority Overnight for $30 flat or you can choose USPS Express for $39+$5 each additional item. Please make your selection during checkout. Overnight mail from Hawaii is available to most of the west coast but if you live further it could take up to two days due to the time zone difference and distance traveled and I'll email you to let you know an estimate of when they'll be delivered. Please feel free to email me with any shipping questions you may have.

*1st place winner 2013 HAS AOC Guppy
*1st place winner 2014 Guppy Class HAS

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