Full Blooded Blue Guppies Show Quality Pairs Available

Full Blooded Blue Guppies

I bought the mom and dad from a breeder that raised only full blooded fish, and that is what I do.I keep my colors apart from each other, so that there is no risk of mixing and not having full blooded. I go to a lot of work to make sure these guys are raised in great health. I do not feed them strange things to speed up the growing process so I can sell them quicker. A lot of those tricks shorten their life spans. I'm not a corporation, or someone from some faraway place that sells you wild caught fish that might be sick.

I have 14 tanks and 4 different colors of guppies, and that is it! It is just a hobby for me, not a business. I have been around fish all my life and know what to do with them. The picture is of one of the young males that will be being sold from the first litter of this color for me; He has such a long pretty tail. The ones I am selling with this auction are not full grown. Although they are nice size with great color Enjoy watching them grow and save some money by buying them now and not later.I only ship on Monday or Tuesday Sorry, but I do not offer a warranty, but I will go to great lengths to get them to you alive!

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