American Green Delta Guppies **AWSOME LOOKING GUPPIES!** Guaranteed live arrival

Green Delta Guppies

American Green Delta Guppies 1 Trio Tropical Fish

Beautiful American Green Delta Guppies
You are getting 1 Trio
One Male and Two Females
Different light can make them look dark green, light green or even blue sometimes!
In my tank they look almost apple green.
They will be about 2-5 months old. I know the photo is bad, but have you ever tried to take a picture of a fish? All of my guppies came from quality or show stock. I don't show guppies.. I love them because they are beautiful!


They eat BB Shrimp and some of the best fish foods. Healthy, hardy and just PRETTY!
Bags will be doubled
Fish will be packed in insulation
Guaranteed live arrival! In the event of DOA send a clear photo of the fish in the UNOPENED BAG WITHIN TWO HOURS OF THE FIRST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. I will refund the purchase price of each fish that passed away (DOA).
Live fish will be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Shipping Service FedEx or USPS

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