3-lbs assorted Bulk Flake Foods with FREE Economy Shipping

Buy Bulk Flake Foods Guppy

3-lbs your choice of assorted Bulk Flake Foods

FREE Economy Shipping

- Tropical Fish Flakes
- Cichlid Red Flakes
- Cichlid Green Flakes
- Marine Flakes
- Guppy Flakes
- Gold Fish Flakes
- Earth Worm Flakes
- Brine Shrimp Flakes
- Spirulina Flakes
- Color Enhance Flakes
- 45% Blackworm Flakes
- Vegetable Flakes

All Flakes are packed tight in a Hard Box for safe shipping.
Flakes are fragile, there may always be smaller flakes and some powdered within your order.

Now you can purchase Direct from our Blackworm Farm here in California, USA

Our Live Blackworms are Flash Frozen, then processed into our Blackworm Flake Foods, Baby Bits, Pellets and Blackworm Sticks.

Live California Blackworms
Frozen California Blackworms & Frozen Blackworm Mixes
Freeze Dried California Blackworms & Freeze Dried Mixes
California Blackworms as Flakes, Baby Bits, Pellets & Sticks

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