Guppy Fish for Sale
Guppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for Sale

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Mosquito fish for sale with FREE Expedited Shipping

live healthy mosquito fish

Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis)

You will receive 150+ live healthy mosquito fish. These fish are used for mosquito control and are prolific breeders. They are also livebearers and great feeder fish. They can eat up to 300-mosquito larva a day and have 60 babies at a time. They are very hardy fish when acclimated to their environment. You will receive a mix of sizes (mostly medium because they ship better and more males survive) and at least 10% extra in case of DOA. Females can grow up to 2.8 inches and males 1.6 inches. Females can reach sexual maturity in as little as 30 days.
They are great to have in a pond with koi. Koi will not eat them on purpose. I have had them in my pond since its inception and they have breed like crazy living off of wild insect larva.
Shipping will be through priority mail and in breather bags Monday and Wednesday. (DO NOT float these breather bags. They have to be dumped into a container and then floated) The boxes are well insulated. In the chance there is DOA, clear pictures must be taken within 2 hours of them arriving still in the bag. Please make sure to count all of the living before messaging because we put a lot of extras in case of DOA. Ship to continental US only.

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