Guppy Fish for Sale
Guppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for SaleGuppy Fish for Sale

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Hikari Neopros Guppy Food On Sale 50g Japan Import

HIKARI NEOPROS GUPPY 50g Distributed by Kyorin Co LTD and produced in Japan.
Several times per day, please give the amount to be eaten in 2-3 minutes.
Fish meal, egg yolk powder, krill meal, starches, Ikamiru, brewer's yeast,
Emulsifier, fish oil, gluten meal, concentrated alfalfa, seaweed, krill extract, Ikaoiru,
Silk worm meal, seaweed powder, amino acids (methionine) Namakin-zai, carotenoids, Jew,
Vitamins (choline chloride, E, C, inositol, B5, B2, A, B1, B6, B3, K, folic acid, D3, biotin),
Minerals (P, Fe, Mg, Zn, Mn, Co, Cu, I, Se)
Assurance component:
Crude protein 48% or more
Crude fat of 10% or more
Crude fiber 2% or less
Crude ash 12% or less
Phosphorus 1% or less
Moisture 10% or less

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