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Home > Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus amazonicus) great for Guppy Fish

Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus amazonicus) great for Guppy Fish

Amazon Sword Plant for guppies

Benefits of the Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus amazonicus) - Medium Size Live Aquarium Plant

• The Amazon Sword is a very hardy and low-maintenance aquatic plant, and it can grow to be VERY large - up to 20 inches in height!
• Does not need special or high intensity lighting - can be kept in any freshwater aquarium.
• Great for fish and dwarf shrimp fry! Provides biofilm, hiding places, and security for the young when you place it in a breeding tank.
• Bright and healthy, and kept in water in a dedicated tank rather than plastic packaging, which means your plant will arrive much healthier.
The Amazon Sword plant is very popular in the guppy hobby because of its impressive size; it’s simple yet majestic beauty, and its minimal care requirements. This plant can grow up to 20 inches in height with the proper lighting and water quality. It is a member of the Rosette plants, which are known for their extremely short stem axes and the way their leaves grow upward from the base of the plant.
The plant is named for its sword-shaped leaves, which vary in color from pale to dark green. Its leaves become quite large, making this a perfect background plant for a large aquarium or a wonderful centerpiece in a small aquarium. This plant ships as a 3"x1" mat with 5-10 leaves. It comes on a mat of substrate that can be discarded or planted under the substrate. The mat can also be broken into smaller pieces to spread the plant to different locations or multiple aquariums.
Live plants have many agricultural uses, such as removing waste and excess nutrients from hydroponic systems, fighting algae and bacterial growth in farm ponds, and keeping educational aquariums clean. This plant also provides shelter for guppy female fish.

Amazon Sword Plant





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